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To request a tour or book our event venue, email or call/text us at 515-371-7875.

What are your table measurements?

4, Farm Tables

76"W x 36"D x 30"H
Seats 6 to 8 people


20, 6 ft. Rectangular Plastic Folding Tables: Rent 90" x 132" Linens
2 in. thick white granite plastic top

Overall Width: 30 inches

Overall Height: 29-1/2 inches

Overall Depth: 72 inches


7, 8 ft. Rectangular Plastic Folding Tables: Rent 90" x 156" Linens
2 in. thick white granite plastic top

Overall Width: 30 inches

Overall Height: 29-1/2 inches

Overall Depth: 96 inches


35, 5 ft. Round Plastic Folding Tables: Rent round 120" Linens
2 in. thick white granite plastic top

Overall Width: 60 inches

Overall Height: 29-1/2 inches

Overall Depth: 60 inches

10, 32 in. Round Cocktail Table: Rent round 132" Linens
1.75" thick white granite plastic table top
Overall Width: 31-1/2 inches
Overall Height: 43-3/4 inches
Overall Depth: 31-1/2 inches

When do I have access to the venue on my wedding day?
The hours are 9 am - midnight. Music and drinks from the bar stop at 11 pm. If you need to come in earlier than 9 am, that can be arranged.

Can I book a rehearsal?
Yes, you can book the weekend and decorate, rehearse and have dinner on Friday. Or you can wait 90 days before your event and book the Friday before your wedding for a discounted rate of $500, plus tax for the day, based on availability. Hours on Friday are 9 am - 9 pm. You can rent the barn Monday-Thursday for a 1 hour rehearsal, 90 days before your event, for $150, plus tax. You can schedule your 1 hour rehearsal between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm.

How long does it take to walk from the north doors to the arbor?
Approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds.

How many cars fit into the parking lot?
Approximately 150.

Can a party bus pull into the parking lot?
Yes, as long as your guests are parked correctly.

Can our cars stay over night in the parking lot?
Yes! Please do not drive if you are intoxicated.


What is the payment schedule?
To confirm the date of your weekend event, a retainer of $1,000 is required along with this signed contract. Within 90 days of the first retainer installation, another $1,000 is due (or you can pay your $2,000 deposit upfront if you choose). The full payment of the rental fee is due two weeks prior to the date of your event. To confirm the date of your weekday (or special low rate event) event, a retainer of $500 is required along with this signed contract. The full payment of the rental fee is due two weeks prior to the date of your event. We can get together to go over your final invoice 4-6 weeks before your wedding. Email me to set up a time.


When do we order alcohol?
You can give me your alcohol order at the time we go over the final payment (4-6 weeks before your wedding).  The payment for the alcohol that you are ordering for your guests is due 2 weeks before your wedding.

Can we bring in bottles of liquor for a signature drink?
We have our liquor license, so no alcohol can be brought in other than wine for a corkage fee.

What are we responsible for cleaning?
You must have all the garbage off the tables in order for Bliss Events + Staffing to tear down tables and chairs. We hire Bliss Events + Staffing to set up and tear down for you, but they require a $500 deposit from you to ensure that the garbage is cleared off by the time they start in the loft at 10:30 pm. Any decor of ours that you use must be put back where it belongs. Anything that you bring in must be taken out.

Can we have an outdoor bar set up for a cocktail hour?
Yes, but we charge $200, plus tax for the extra time it takes to set the bar up and we usually need another bartender or more to work. You will need to supply a linen for a 6 ft table.

Can We play our slideshow on your tv?
Yes.  We have HDMI and USB hookup.  You must provide the cord to hook it up.

Can we bring in non-alcoholic drinks for our guests?
Yes! We encourage this because the bar is much less congested. Please remember to bring in ice if it is needed for the non-alcoholic drinks. We do have two ice machines, but they are only used for the bar.  You will need to provide cups for the non-alcoholic drinks.  If you bring in metal tubs to put your drinks in, please make sure they don't leak or place them outside.


Do you provide cups for the keg beer and wine?
Yes! We provide cups, straws and napkins for all the drinks sold at the bar.

Does the 18% service charge include what everyone buys at the bar?
No, the 18% service charge is only charged on top of the alcohol that you purchase for your guests.

How many kegs can I have on reserve?
You can have 1 keg on reserve the night of your event.  You only pay for it if you tap it. The reserve kegs are limited to: Bud Light, Busch Light and Coors Light.

If there is left over alcohol that we purchased for our guests, can we take it with us at the end of the night?
You can take bottles of wine and beer with you, not kegs.

When do the bartenders arrive?
Bartenders arrive 15 minutes before your ceremony and they do not serve alcohol until the ceremony is done. If you have your ceremony at another location, we will discuss what time your guests will be arriving.  Please remember our bartenders are not servers, so if someone wants a drink they need to come to the bar to get it. Staff can be hired.

Do you supply trash bags & garbage cans?
Yes, we have 3 garbage cans in the reception area and 1 garbage can in the kitchen for the caterers. We provide the trash bags. They can be found in the storage room and there are usually some behind the bar, just ask a bartender.  The trash may have to be taken out during the reception (you will be responsible for that), but at the end of the night the cleaners will take it out.

How big is the arbor?
The arbor is approximately 9-10' in height and 7-8' in width.

Do you have a table layout?
Yes, if you have booked your event with us, feel free to email me for the diagram.

Can we put a tent on the property?
Yes, you can rent a tent and put it on the property to hold more people.

Can we use wish lanterns or Sparklers in our departure?
No. Due to county fire restrictions, we do not allow wish lanterns or sparklers.

Do you have a stage?
No, but you can rent one and bring it in.

Do you have electricity by the ceremony pad?
Yes, it is located just slightly down the hill on the east side.

Do you have a PA system?
Yes, we have one that you can use for the ceremony and reception, if you do not plan on using a DJ. This syncs up to your device through Bluetooth.  It is one speaker and we have one clip-on mic and one handheld mic.

Do you have to use the vendors on the Vendors page?
No, you are free to bring any vendors that you would like.

Do you offer bar packages?
No, we do not have any bar packages. Please visit our Wine and Spirits page for prices.